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Project Description
A .Net wrapper for the oEmbed open format for embedding content from other websites into your own (e.g., YouTube, Flickr, Qik, Vimeo, Hulu, Viddler, MyOpera, etc.) using REST calls.

oEmbed API Wrapper for .Net

oEmbed is an open format standard for using REST to import content (such as videos, widgets, and images) from one website to another, avoiding XSS issues, and without having to parse the resource website. This wrapper allows you to simply make function calls in your own code to return the content that you desire. This is already a common feature in many blog engines and CMS's, such as WordPress. This wrapper brings this functionality to all .Net applications now.

You can only use this wrapper to import content from websites that have an oEmbed implementation (referred to as providers). Below is a list of the known providers, which also have a concrete implementation in this wrapper.

Please note that a few of the providers above make it possible to import media from over 200 different sources online - primarily social network websites.

If you know of a site that supports oEmbed that's not on this list, don't worry. This wrapper also supports open calls to nearly any wrapper out there, even if you require a proxy.

Example Usage

See the Doumentation Page for more information.


The Media Module for DotNetNuke uses this provider to allow end users to very quickly add media to their websites.

System Requirements

.Net Framework 3.5 or higher
JSON.Net 3.5 Release 6

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